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Where may my visitors park?

Unfortunately, there is no visitor parking as all spots are reserved at all times. Please have your visitors park on the street where available or in the nearby ramps or metered lots.

How do I care for trash disposal?

Please select your building from the menu below: Please select your building:

How can I make a Non-Emergency Maintenance Request?

Our residents can file a non-emergency maintenance request by using the on-line form at this link, or by calling our office at 608-284-1800.

Where is the main office for the McBride Companies?

We are located at 139 West Wilson Street, Madison, WI 53703. Click here for a map.

Where can I pay rent?

1. Management Drop Box at 699 W. Mifflin Street
2. Shorecrest Building, 139 W. Wilson Street, Suite 105, Madison WI 53703
3. Payments may be mailed to:
The McBride Companies, PO Box 191, Madison, WI 53701


The McBride Companies |
139 West Wilson Street | Madison, WI 53703 | 608.284.1800